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About NUTECH Controls

NUTECH Controls

NUTECH controls reflect the experience gained from decades of service in both onshore and offshore control systems design. NUTECH is the most cost-effective choice when reliable, cost-effective, and long-life products are required to meet demanding oilfield control applications.


NUTECH devices yield an overall system cost reduction through simplicity of installation and ease of field service. These cost reductions are achieved not only in the initial system fabrication, but also throughout its long life expectancy.


High reliability and long life are achieved through simplicity of design, controlled machine tolerances, high quality finishes, and specially selected materials. Most components are constructed of 316 stainless steel for unsurpassed durability in both gas and air service. Accessory items such as O-rings, knobs, and lenses are manufactured with highgrade synthetics specifically selected for rugged offshore and industrial applications.


NUTECH installation is simplified:

   • Single hole component mounting in most applications

   • Common port manifolding eliminates costly fittings

   • Standard hole patterns permit device interchange.


NUTECH field service is made easier:

   • Disconnection of a single pneumatic line permits service to the operating portion of most devices

   • Minimum number of tools to assemble or disassemble the devices

   • Disassembly and reassembly done without removing device from its mounting

   • Parts may be interchanged, minimizing spare

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